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Would you like a model or comprehensive description of your business or organization? Many organizations would. The best way to do that is have your own 'language' to use for describing your business, or even just part of it. This can be critical for tracking many different components of the business, looking for gaps and inconsistencies.

The approach implemented in metaPSL® has been used to collect and analyze many kinds of organizational information such as business strategy, enterprise and information architecture, competence management, business processes, and computer-based systems - and it is based on the approach used to create PSL/PSA.

metaPSL® is a toolkit to create analysis languages and is one of very few metametamodelling tools in the world. تونر It may well be the only one based on sound modelling constructor principles that enforce consistency across multiple layers of organization models.

How would you like to check the elements of your organization for completeness and consistency? - improve business processes? - specify information systems? manage competencies among staff? - create an enterprise or information architecture?

All of these activities can be supported by metaPSL®. Contact us for a discussion about your needs and a program to deal with them.

metaPSL® is only available in conjunction with some enterprise or organization modelling project.

metaPSL® is based on substantial research into creating modelling languages which can be used to check completeness and consistency in models of enterprises (and other things). The list of organizations that participated in the original research project that created the approach implemented in metaPSL is formidable. That project probably still ranks as the most extensive project in the world to research the modelling of requirements. You will find a list of many of those organizations on this website where the ISDOS project is discussed.


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